Leap Towards Green Innovation

We capable of producing large amounts of CNFs and reducing carbon emissions of that Industry.


Agricultural & Food Industry

CNT’s  are cable of  increasing the shelf life of different kinds of food materials. It is not an entirely full-proof measure yet; however it has brought down the extent of wastage of food due to microbial infestation.

Space Industry

CNTs are the only known material up to the task. Among other things, a successful space elevator could create means for safe disposal of nuclear waste, and  give life to a space tourism industry.

Medical Industry

CNTs can act as scaffolds around which bone cells will grow by attracting hydroxyapatites, calcium crystals in the body that are critical for bone formation.

Computer Engineering

Computer chips using CNSs could blow those numbers away. Their small size — just one nanometer wide — means many billions of CNS transistors could be packed onto a single processing chip, making for smaller, faster computers and electronics.

Military Industry

With new techniques rapidly emerging to make longer CNTs, spun fibers using the longer CNTs will soon surpass Kevlar in strength, and weigh less. As CNT prices drop, spun CNT fibers could be the material of choice for better, lighter better army product material

Electric Power Industry

Billions of CNTs could be tightly packed onto solar cells and release far more electricity per square inch than silicon. In addition, carbon nanotubes absorb light so well that a professor at Rice University used them to create the darkest ever man-made material.

We welcome everyone in our endeavor to make this world a cleaner & greener place again !!

Leap towards green innovation